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Comedy Club at the Landmark Resort - 2018 Schedule

We bring in top performers from across the country. Join us at the Landmark Resort's Comedy Club for great live comedy. The evening starts with a buffet dinner at 6:30pm, and the show begins at 8pm. Each Comedy Club features two comics. The price for the dinner and show is $34.99 (or $24 for the show only) - for the July and August shows. Reservations are required. And make a night of it. Book your stay with the Landmark Resort.

January 11, 2018  |  Bob Jay and Tucker Diedrich
February 8, 2018  |  Rob Brackenridge and Luis Valencia
March 8, 2018  |  Roger Radley and Steve Hartman
April 12, 2018  |  Herbie Gill and Tracy Schroeder
May 10, 2018  |  Brent Terhune and John Russell

May 17, 2018  |  Nola J and Reena Calm
June 7, 2018  |  Mick Lazinski and Mario Robinson
July 12, 2018  |  Geoff LaFleur and Greg Bach
August 9, 2018  |  Dusty Slay and Aaron Weber

January Comedians
Bob Jay  |  January 11, 2018
Bob's show is full of energy and keeps you on the edge of your seat. He brings dozens of celebrities and cartoon characters to life, and puts them in different scenarios. Bob's sound effects range from a jet fighter plane to a locomotive train crashing through the walls in a club. He has been told his show has been compared to Billy Crystal and to Rich Little. So come spend an evening with Bob and his cast of stars.

Tucker Diedrich  |  January 11, 2018

Tucker Diedrich has always been a facilitator of fun. When he was a kid he wanted to be a game show host and would force his friends and family to play games whenever he could. Today he still wants to be a game show host but in the meantime he is channeling that energy into comedy. Tucker has been performing comedy through various mediums for many years. Whether it be through stand-up, improv or acting he is always trying to find ways to entertain crowds across the country and making sure that the people around him are having as much fun if not more fun than him. Tucker has performed at the World Series of Comedy in Las Vegas, Laugh Fest in Grand Rapids MI and the Floodwater Festival APPEARING ON in Iowa City.

February Comedians
Ron Brackenridge  |  February 8
Always the class clown (and spending most of his formative years in the principal's office), Rob Brackenridge was destined to become a comedian. Rob's television credits include Comedy Central's "Make Me Laugh" and "Stand-Up, Stand-Up." He has worked in many comedy clubs, including the Improv in Los Angeles, the Comedy Store in London and Catch a Rising Star in New York and Las Vegas.
Luis Valencia  |  February 8
Luis Valencia tells his story through precisely delivered and well-crafted jokes about growing up in a bakery, competitive swimming, college, his experience with the LGBT community, and how it all brought him to become a Nationally Touring Standup Comedian. Luis’ comedy varies from edgy to clean, but his side-splitting jokes have been proven to make anyone laugh. Using his sense of humor, that has taken him from Grand Rapids,MI to many comedy clubs, state universities, and bars throughout the U.S., he’s guaranteed to make you be bust a gut from start to finish.
On the menu for the February 8th buffet dinner: cherry BBQ salmon, Asian marinated skirt steak with Korean BBQ couscous, garlic and herb-roasted pork loin, truffle Yukon gold mashed potatoes, mini corn on the cob, hearty vegetable soup, loaded baked potato soup, Caesar salad, pasta salad, bread sticks, dinner rolls, fresh fruit, variety of desserts.

March Comedians

Steve Hartman  |  March 8, 2018

Steve Hartman used to sell fire trucks, now he is a stand up comedian. His high school guidance counselor didn’t tell him those were options; she said he’d have a successful career as an underachiever. Steve's sardonic optimism oozes positive energy while he skewers life’s absurdities. To Steve the glass is half full and ready to spill. When it does, the result is a memorable performance and a journey into a world were we are all the punchline. Steve was featured in a story on Fox and CNN about the importance of stand up during tough times. He can be seen on Comedy Central’s

Roger Radley  |  March 8, 2018

Roger Radley is an award-winning comedian who has been performing his own brand of comedy for nearly 30 years. From the Trump Castle in Atlantic City to Opryland in Nashville to casinos in Las Vegas and conventions in Hawaii, this Wisconsin native keeps being called back for repeat performances by many groups. Roger Radley will engage the audience from start to finish with his fresh and insightful comedy that has been described as he takes commonplace events of everyday life and makes them funny because everything he says is so true.


April Comedians

Herbie Gill  |  April 12, 2018
Herbie Gill is a comedian who learned from the best and seeks to blaze his own path in comedy. As a true student of the craft of comedy, audiences and fellow comedians alike notice Herbie's passion and dedication to stand up. Changing expectations and skewing stereotypes, this young comic can finesse any crowd with professionalism, style and wit. Herbie's hard work and knack for presenting fresh new material earned him appearances on many stages and programs, including XM Radio, TBS, Comcast Cable, PBS, Gilda's Club, and Local Point TV for ABC.

Tracy Schroeder  |  April 12, 2018
Tracy Schroeder is one of the funniest female comics in the midwest, her style of comedy is witty and straight to the useless point. She has the ability to entertain any type of crowd. She is definitely the one who makes you think about both sides to an argument, mostly because she has a split personality and tends to always argue with the one personality who is not in charge at the time. She grew up as the black sheep in the family, while others were living their life, she was the one constantly judging and making fun of them....which doesn't make for a very good family life but it does make for a very funny one.


May Comedians

Brent Terhune  |  May 10, 2018
Characters, voices, one liners, and time-tested monologues - comedian Brent Terhune is the embodiment of all these things and more. Not many comics can pull off Brent’s laid-back style of comedy and still remain just as absurd and funny, but equally relevant and relatable at the same time. He is also the co-host of the immensely popular podcast that is enjoyed by dozens of listeners, The Interweb Podshow, and he is a writer for the nationally-syndicated Bob & Tom Show.

John Russell  |  May 10, 2018
Although the world is changing, John Russell refuses to. Whether it’s successful runs in regional and national radio as a host and voiceover guy, two starring roles in Midwest dinner theater, or making comedy club audiences laugh until they cry for the past 6 years across the U.S., John is self-deprecating, slightly angry, and highly likeable. His ability to “hate stuff nicely” has earned him opening spots for some of the best in the business, including: Mark Poolos, Moshe Kasher, Josh Blue, Costaki Economopoulos, Gilbert Gottfried, and truTV’s Impractical Jokers.


Reena Calm
  |  May 17, 2018
Reena Calm is an East Coast Jew turned Chicago favorite, and one of the most respected and requested comedians in the Midwest. Pulling from a lifetime of questionable choices, Reena’s material is autobiographical, silly, and charmingly inappropriate. Reena is a featured regular at the Laugh Factory and performs all over the country. She has featured in the Gilda's LaughFest - Best Of The Midwest and Just For Laughs Chicago. Reena has been a frequent guest on WGN and WBEZ radio and recently made her television debut on WCIU’s One Night Stand Up. She was named Comic of The Week on The Jackie & Laurie Show, she’s been called “also terrific” by the Chicago Tribune, and “not a disappointment” APPEARING ON by her mother.

Nola J  |  May 17, 2018
Originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin this comedienne refers to herself as a chocolate blonde. Nola J pokes fun of herself when her actions, those of an educated woman, seem quite dingy. Nola J is convinced that life’s bewildering chain of events happen to only me, but people throughout the country have been entertained and laugh hysterically by how much they can relate to her funny reactions to the world. For the past decade, Nola J has been touring Las Vegas to Los Angeles and back to the Midwest again, playing comedy clubs and casinos and studying sketch comedy at Second City.


June Comedians

Mario Robinson  |  June 7, 2018
Mario Robinson's unique outlook and experiences, paired with his observational humor has been entertaining audiences since 2002. When asked why he went into standup comedy, Mario said, "Everyone in my cell block thought I was hilarious." As the resident host of Jokerz Comedy Club in Milwaukee, WI, Mario has had an opportunity to hone his skills while working with some of the icons of comedy, including John Witherspoon, Aries Spears, and Billy Gardell.

Mick Lazinski  |  June 7, 2018
Mick’s show is refreshingly creative. A boy-next door style with a personable nature. Observational and accurate descriptions of everyday occurrences all will recognize. Mick juggles killer one-liners and on the money impressions along with stories about parenting, dating, marriage and the after life of a sixties hippie who dipped his toe into a suburban responsible façade, only to return to an opinionated watchdog baby-boomer that makes him appealing to all audiences.


July Comedians

Greg Bach  |  July 12, 2018
Greg Bach is a fixture on the Milwaukee comedy scene, but has performed all over the country. People from Chicago, Madison, Minneapolis and Loves Park have found his jokes amusing. His comedic style is a three-part recipe: dry wit, life experiences and observations regarding highway billboards (more the third than anything). Greg has performed with many national headliners, including W. Kamau Bell, Godfrey, Tom Clark, Shane Mauss, Johnny Beehner, James Ervin Berry and Chastity Washington.

Geoff LaFleur  |  July 12, 2018
Geoff LaFleur comes to us from the great state of Wisconsin. Geoff pokes fun at life’s most mundane situations to the awkwardness of sexuality and everything in between. Delivered in a playfully silly nature and energetically fun style, mixed with impeccable comedic timing and a Midwestern charm has made Geoff a comedy club favorite. He has performed at colleges, festivals, private parties and many top comedy clubs across the country from the Laugh Factory in Los Angeles to Zanies in Chicago to the Improv in Washington D.C.


August Comedians

Aaron Weber  |  August 9, 2018
Aaron is a standup comic born and raised in Montgomery, Alabama. After barely graduating from Notre Dame in 2014, Aaron moved to Nashville and started doing standup. Since then, he's become a regular at Zanies Comedy Club and has performed in venues/clubs all over the Southeast. In 2016, Aaron helped break the Guinness World Record for Longest stand-up comedy show

Dusty Slay  |  August 9, 2018
Dusty Slay is a stand-up comedian with a baritone voice so smooth it’s like champagne in your ears. Slay has appeared on several network shows including NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”, the popular program “Laughs on FOX” and he was a featured comedian on “TMZ”. Dusty’s comedy is regularly showcased on many nationally-syndicated radio programs including Sirius XM, Pandora Radio and “The Bob and Tom Radio Show”. Dusty Slay is based in Nashville, TN where he is a local favorite and has worked with many touring celebrities such as Rob Schneider, Jeff Ross and Roseanne. In 2014, Dusty released his debut comedy album “Makin’ That Fudge” which can be found at, and ITunes.



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