A Magical Winter Wonderland at an Egg Harbor Resort

Winter is a great time of the year to bring your loved one to the Landmark Resort. You’ll enjoy all the wonderful snow-fun while visiting Egg Harbor in Door County. Our Egg Harbor Resort is perfect for a winter walk through the 40 acres of woods surrounding us. We recommend bring your camera to capture just how beautiful a Wisconsin winter truly is.

Nothing is better than spending your nights at the Landmark Resort, but what will you do to enjoy your days? Head out on the best adventure around Egg Harbor with your camera in tow! You’ll want to snap some memorable photos to bring home with you from your trip.

Door County offers an amazing landscape for photography. With forests and cute towns all around, you’ll love spending the time working on capturing the perfect photo. Whether you bring a DSLR, a smaller digital camera, a Polaroid, or your handy-dandy phone, you’ll have everything you need to create a beautiful photo.

With any camera of your choosing, knowing how to operate it, is crucial. Take some time before heading our way and get comfortable with handling your camera. Reading information on how to adjust exposure and settings will help you become a better photographer.

Photography is more than just snapping a photo!

Choose your style: landscape or portrait, can make or break your image. It’s all about your subject matter for deciding which style you should choose. Obviously, landscapes go great with a landscape style. You’re able to include more of the image into a wider range, while portraiture is best fit with a particular subject matter you’d like to express.

Even deciding whether the photo should be in color or monochromatic, is important to think about!

No matter what you choose to capture through photos, we know you’ll enjoy every minute here at the Landmark Resort. There is no better time than to get out and explore our local area of Egg Harbor and Door County. We hope to see you soon!