The Best Hiking in Door County, WI.

Lace Up Your Boots!

Door County’s natural beauty shines on foot. Hiking can be a leisure affair, or for the more adventurous, it can be challenging. Take a trip to Door County and experience the best hiking, Wisconsin has to offer!

State Parks

There are many state parks in Wisconsin, but you’ll find five of them around Door County. Along with the smaller county parks to hike at, Peninsula and Potawatomi State Parks are a few you’ll find near Landmark Resort.

Whitefish Dunes State Park has 11 miles of winding trails. Not only does Whitefish Dunes have trails for the avid hiker but they also offer self-guided tours. These tours will take you passed replica structures of buildings once used by Native American’s. If you’re really into backpacking or just looking for a day hike, head over to Newport State Park and experience the 28 miles of hiking trails.  

Rock Island State Park is a little bit of a drive from Landmark, but it surely won’t disappoint! To get to Rock Island, there are two passenger ferries needed. Head to Washington Island to board the ferry, then go all the way to the island to catch the Karfi Ferry to Rock Island. Rock Island is a wonderful wooded island. Check out the shoreline, lighthouse, and trails to explore the natural elements.

Toft’s Point

Owned by the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay and dominated by Balsam Fir and White Spruce, Toft’s Point is a nature lover’s dream. This area is bordered by Moonlight Bay, Baileys Harbor, and Lake Michigan; creating the distinct native plant community. Effects of the Lake and Bay’s allow for the area to be a wooded forest. Even though there are a lot of forest expanses, there are also meadows and wetlands that pepper the land. This habitat is home to more than 440 plant species. Toft’s point is a great place to go if you would like to learn more about the plant life.

Not only does Toft’s Point show all the native vegetation of Wisconsin, but it is the best example of ancient circular kilns that were once part of the Niagara Escarpment. On-site, you’ll find one of these historic kilns. Head to Toft’s Point to hike and learn more about the ecosystem that lives there.

Ridges Sanctuary

Sitting adjacent to Toft’s Point is Ridges Sanctuary. This sanctuary has rare flora which flourishes in the summertime. Hiking in the Ridges is encouraged! There are self-guided hikes where a trail guide book is available for purchase to help guide you along the tour. Along with self-guided tours, Ridge’s also has guided hikes in the summertime and guided snowshoe hikes in the winter.

There are even customizable tours for you to choose if you have a larger group. You can also check out the Lighthouse tour to learn about the Baileys Harbor Range Lights. Don’t miss seeing migrating monarch butterflies or the rest of the Wildlife; Ridges Sanctuary has to offer.

Education and outreach, research, and preservation are the three principal pillars that keep this beautiful sanctuary the perfect place to hike.

Landmark Resort is a designated Travel Green Wisconsin certified business, remember always to leave the natural habitat exactly as you found it! Get a good night’s sleep at Landmark, as we hope to see you hiking the trails in Door County!