The Best Lighthouses in Door County

A Beacon of Light 

Door County has over 300 miles worth of shorelines and islands, by 1899 there were 12 lighthouses keeping ships safe from the coast. While staying with us at the Landmark Resort, make sure you check out the best lighthouses in Door County.

Lighthouses were used to emit a stream or pulses of light as a navigational aid for ships on waterways. Many of these lighthouses are strategically placed to mark rocky coastlines that would otherwise go undetected. Nowadays, with updated navigational systems and automated, electric powered light sources, manually operated lighthouses have gone to the wayside. Still, today, every signal from a lighthouse is different, this allows for the captain of a ship to know precisely where they are on the water.

An Island Lighthouse

Cana Lighthouse is arguably the most famous of the Door County Lighthouses. Located in Bailey’s Harbor, this lighthouse is only accessible by a stone causeway. Just make sure to bring waterproof boots or shoes as sometimes the water in the causeway can be high. Built in 1869 and automated in 1944, today this lighthouse still shines as a museum. You can climb 97 steps to the top of this lighthouse and see the view from the observation deck.

A View of Green Bay

Eagle Bluff Lighthouse is another lighthouse in Door County that you can tour. Nestled into Peninsula State Park, built in 1868, and automated in 1929, this lighthouse shines over Green Bay’s water. Tour for this site brings to life what it was like for the keepers of this lighthouse. Today, Eagle Bluff Lighthouse has been restored to its’ glory by the Door County Historical Society and safely tells boaters and snowmobilers their location in and on the water.

These beacons of light have helped ships guide their way to safety over the years in Door County. There are more lighthouses scattered throughout Door County but the Cana Lighthouse and the Eagle Bluff Lighthouse are the only once’s accessible to the public for tours. We highly recommend checking them out! Other spectacular lighthouses around Door County can be seen during Door County’s annual Lighthouse Festival which takes place in June. Take a look at the full list of lighthouses that are in Door County. We hope to see you soon at the Landmark Resort, so you can start planning your next lighthouse trip!