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Room Types? There are sixteen different room types (lodging options) at the Landmark Resort. Some of the options are obvious, such as a one-, two-, or three-bedroom suite. There are a few terms that may be unique to the Landmark Resort as well. When describing rooms, you may see or hear the following ...

Amenity Level |  Located on the lower level of the building. It is the first floor, and the same level as the whirlpool and steam room. All Amenity Level units are located water-side and have a patio.

Main Level |  Units located on the entry level of the building - referred to as the second floor (in the Harbor, Flagship and Navigator buildings) when in the elevator. Wood side units have a patio, and water side units have a patio or balcony.

Premiere |  Premiere refers to a category of suites with a larger living area. Available in one- and two-bedroom suites.

Lofted Suites |  In lofted suites, the second bedroom is a semi-private loft overlooking the living and dining room area.

Enclosed Suites |  In our enclosed suites, both bedrooms are enclosed.

Two-Bedroom, One-Bath Enclosed |  All two-bedroom,one-bath enclosed suites are on one level.

Two-Bedroom, Two-Bath Enclosed |  All two-bedroom, two-bath enclosed suites are on two levels.

Water View |  Suites are referred to as water-side or water-view. The water-view suites have a view of the sparkling waters of the Bay of Green Bay. And the higher levels have a better view.

Woodland View |  Wood side or woodland view means that the suite has a wooded view, and does not face the water.

One-, Two- or Three-Bedroom  |  Suites are most often referred to by the number of bedrooms in the unit.


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