Types of Stays - Door County Lodging | The Landmark Resort

Owner Stay
This stay is when owners or any immediate family occupy the unit. A check-out service fee is charged for the stay. Owners must call the resort to reserve their unit prior to arrival.

Regular Guest
This stay is when a paying guest occupies your unit.

Guest of Owner
This stay is when a guest of the owner occupies your unit. The owner sets the rate for the guest. The owner is responsible for the management fee for this stay.

Complimentary Stay
The Rental Company reserves the right to use each unit for complimentary purposes - used to host meeting/event planners and travel writers, to trade out for advertising and promotion, etc. Currently it is restricted to a maximum of three nights per unit as set by the Rental Agreement.

Internal Condo Exchange (ICE)
ICE, stands for Internal Condo Exchange. Owners may join the ICE program - where owners may exchange the use of their unit with another owner. This program is designed for owners to have a condo available for other family members to use while the owner is also at the resort. The owner is charged the check out service fee for the unit that is being used. Owners may not use this program during the busy season and are limited to 10 nights of exchange per year. Contact the Owner's Liaison for details.

Charitable Donation
Owners may donate stays in their unit for charitable fundraisers. The owner is responsible for the check out service fee. Contact the Owner's Liaison for details.



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