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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions – Door County Weddings  |  The Landmark Resort

Do you require a deposit?
We do require a non-refundable deposit for all weddings. The amount, usually in the $500 – $1000 range, depends on the particular function space booked. Please speak with our Catering Manager for further details.

What types of linens, napkins and centerpieces are included?
White tablecloths and napkins are provided. Skirting will be done in white or black for all weddings. We can also provide white, ivory, sandlewood or black tablecloths and napkins.  Please see our Catering Manager for additional colors and costs. We are able to provide a square mirror and hurricane with 12″ tapered candle per table to enhance any centerpiece you choose.

How early will the room be available to set up the day of the wedding?
The Egg Harbor Room is normally ready for your decorator, florist, band or DJ to set up an average of two hours prior to the reception. Other rooms will vary. Please discuss specific times with our Catering Manager.

May we offer a choice of two entrees to our guests?
Yes, weddings may select two entrees. For a third and/or fourth option (i.e. – vegetarian) there will be an additional charge. Remember to ask your guests for their selection as part of your invitation. We do ask that you identify on your place cards which entree each guest has selected.

Can we bring in our own wedding cake? Are we allowed to bring in food and beverage items?
Yes, you can bring in your own wedding cake.  We will cut and serve any cake provided through a licensed baker for .75 per person. If you decide to cut & serve your own cake – please bring plates, napkins, forks and serving utensils. The Landmark Resort will provide all other food and beverage. We take pride in adhering to all Federal, State and Local regulations to ensure proper food preparation and beverage service. Exceptions are sometimes made for certain ethnic items that are typically served at weddings (i.e. – Homemade cookies for a sweet table for an Italian wedding).

Does the Landmark Resort offer a special lodging rate for our guests?
We do offer a discounted rate for your guests. Speak with your Sales Manager or Catering Manager. Our rates fluctuate throughout the year. The bride and groom will receive a one night complimentary suite when booking the Egg Harbor Room or State Room with certain minimums.

Do you hold ceremonies at the resort?
Wedding ceremonies can be held at the Landmark Resort. We have multiple outdoor venues; the Flagship Garden, pool decks and terrace have all been utilized for outdoor ceremonies. Our terrace has an artificial waterfall and a beautiful view of the bay. Our Catering Manager can provide further details and prices.