Holiday Parties

They’re not always everyone’s favorite, but holiday parties are a staple for most companies. They’re also a great opportunity if planned carefully. If you’ve been tasked with planning the annual employee Christmas party for your company, your goal should be to get the most out of your special event while keeping costs manageable. By carefully evaluating the best way to approach and execute this holiday party, you can create an experience that not only boosts company morale but also increases employee satisfaction and retention levels across the board.

It’s important to start with the basics—what theme should the party have, where should it take place, how many people are coming, when should it happen, and what food and drinks will be served during the occasion—before moving on to specialized planning and event execution.

The Landmark Resort and our on-site restaurant and catering arm (the Carrington Pub & Grill) would be delighted to help you plan a wonderful event. We can help with theme, decorations, menu and a whole lot more. We can make it as easy or elaborate as you like.


Call Jen Jensen, our catering manager, at 920-868-5167.